Dabble dabble dabble


Do you dabble around sometimes? Who knows what random things gonna catch your attention and take you off the beaten path.

Suddenly someone stares at you and say “you are a geek.” A friend introduces you to someone with “my friend here does unusual things”. You guess it meant doing stuff they don’t understand or even bother about. But what you are doing makes sense to you. Hunch, logic, emotions telling you are just fine!

People might not understand. Sometimes you need the courage to dabble, discover and have momentary breaks out of routine. Dabbling comes from two major motivations; for growth and play.

What a relief! One more dabble done. Got it off my buzzing head. How does that feel? Whew… bringing the messy thoughts into structured words. The saying goes like “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say”. Writing about what I am dabbling on helps wrap my mind around it.

Simply sharing what I learned and grow in a positive way. Does dabbling bring similar resonation in you? Let us continue to live life dabbling on what we enjoy instead of merely existing.